Privacy Policy

1.???????? General Policy

?1.1. ???? This Privacy Policy refers to this Website and its associated Content from the perspective of privacy related issues.

1.2.????? We collect information related to our Users with the sole purpose of improving their experience and satisfaction with our Website. In some cases this information can be used for advertising purposes. The Users themselves will always be provided with an option to accept or decline this commercial offer.

1.3.??????This Policy includes the following definitions and expressions with the following as being described and explained hereby:

1.1.1. ?? ?Full Spectrum Networks? is to be mentioned hereinafter as ?We?, ?Our?, ?Us?, or ?Provider?

1.1.2. ?? ?Reader(s)? is/are to be mentioned hereinafter as ?You?, ?Your?, ?Yourself?, or ??User?

1.1.3. ?? ?Website is to be mentioned hereinafter as ?Website?

1.1.4. ?? ?Privacy Policy? are to be mentioned hereinafter as ?Policy?

1.1.5.??? ?Contributor(s)? is/are to be mentioned hereinafter as ?They?, ?Their?, or ?Uploaders?

1.1.6.??? ?Uploaded Material? is to be mentioned hereinafter as ?Content?

1.1.7.??? ?Services? are referring to the supporting activities related to the Website and its associated Content with relevance for the ?Subscribers? and ?Members?.


2.???????? Collection of Information Issues

?2.1.????? We collect, process and transmit personal data of the Users with the sole purpose of ensuring the very functionality of the Website itself.

2.2.????? Private information obtained from the Users is being used for the purposes of registration and establishing their membership status.

2.3.????? It is the exclusive right of the Users to make a decision whether or not and to which extent they will disclose their private information. Nevertheless, all Users are hereby advised that certain data is required in order for them to use the full features of this Website including the opportunity to upload, download and/or use the Content itself.

2.4.????? For the purpose of User?s registration and establishing membership status all Users may be required to provide the following personal data:

2.4.1.??? Contact information such as User?s name, address, phone, and/or email

2.4.2.??? User name(s) and passwords

2.4.3.??? Other relevant data

2.5.????? Please note that the following information can be collected by us:

2.5.1.??? Type and version of the browser

2.5.2.??? Operating system

2.5.3.??? URL and hosting data

2.5.4.??? Type of computer and server

2.6.????? For these purposes mentioned in sections 2.4. and 2.5. the cookies are being used. All Users are advised to read more about cookies and their influence on privacy issues.

2.7.????? The main purpose of the data collected with the help of cookies is to improve the Users? experience of using the Website?s features.

2.8.????? The third parties are not under any circumstances allowed to collect the private data related to our Users.

2.9.????? Please be informed that we will not share your private information outside the Website itself under no circumstances.

2.10.???? Please note that the exceptions from the rule mentioned in the section 2.9. are to be applied in the following situations:

2.10.1. Your private information can and will be disclosed for the purpose of judicial, legal or other similar cases and proceedings

2.10.2. For the purpose of newsletter and other advertising related information with your previous consent


3. ??????? Confidentiality Issues

?3.1.????? All information obtained according to the above mentioned rules will be treated as strictly confidential.

3.2. ???? By accepting this Policy you authorize us to use the information obtained as being described hereby for the sole purpose of improving the Website itself.

3.3.???? We are entitled to inform you from time to time about our new offers and features.

3.3.????? We may collect any other relevant information which can contribute to our Website improvements with no obligation to notify you about these actions.


?4.???????? Closing and Other Relevant Issues

?4.1.????? This Policy is to be regulated and governed by an exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian Law and Courts. Any potential dispute or issues derived from or related to this Policy is to be addressed directly to the courts of Melbourne, Australia.

4.2.????? All Users and Uploaders are strongly advised to try reaching a settlement by the means of mediation and/or negotiation related to the issues or disputes derived from this Policy, before addressing the court as the final legal instance.

4.3. ???? This Policy between you and the Provider which regulate the issues and situations herein described and explained are to supersede any other agreement or document previously signed or accepted, in written or oral form, between you and the Provider.

4.4. ???? By accepting this Policy, all Users and Uploaders are to accept limitless and unconditional presumption that they are fully and completely aware of all Policy sections, articles and regulations.

4.5.????? In case that any part of this Policy becomes invalid or non-applicable the remaining parts will have the full obligatory power for its Users.

4.6.????? You are hereby to express your explicit approval that your private information can be retained as long as it is required for the reasons explained in this Policy.

4.7.????? We will treat your private information with the utmost care possible. However, we cannot guarantee you the absolute protection against potential security threats and risks.

4.8.????? We are fully entitled to change this Policy entirely or some of its elements occasionally with no obligation to inform the Users about this.

4.9.????? If you have any questions referring to our Privacy Policy please feel free to email us at