Managed Services

How are we different?

Managed services with Full Spectrum Networks differ somewhat to other managed services providers. Most service providers lock you into a monitoring and support arrangement and if you never use the support (like a 24/7 network operations center), you are still paying for it!

We understand internal IT teams are shrinking and want to help your onsite IT teams deliver consistent, efficient results. We understand your internal IT team is capable, but just needs help sorting through the masses of log and alerting information generated by all of your systems.

We want to combine the best managed services offerings into a single solution for our customers. We want to work with your business’s internal IT team who are already familiar with the environment, and its intricacies. Our business support model is summarized below:


Full Spectrum Networks MSP (Managed Services Platform) allows you to monitor everything in your datacenter including servers (physical, virtual, or cloud based), applications (web, mail, database, virtualisation), networking gear, storage arrays, load balancers, UPS etc, using a single web portal. We use multiple data collection methods including WMI, SNMP, Perfmon, JDBC, JMX, IPMI, Web page parsing, log parsing, custom scripts, and various vendor specific APIs (Netapp, VMware, Citrix Xen, Amazon EC2, etc).

The cloud is here to stay and that’s why we are an early adopter of all things cloud, including our managed services platform. Full Spectrum provides a full managed services suite, hosted in the cloud, so our service is always available. We understand you have a growing business, and like most, adopt technologies as they come to light. A typical customer technology stack may include some or all of the following:


Device support is one of the most critical factors in choosing a capable MSP. Full Spectrum cloud hosted MSP offers customers the ability to monitor a huge array of products from leading vendors including:


As a leading managed services provider, we can integrate monitoring of these services into a single console using our cloud based platform, bundled with our onsite collector, which forwards all your monitoring information securely to our cloud.