Consult and Design

Full Spectrum Networks prides themselves on offering design, architecture and integration services including but not limited to VoIP, security, routing and switching, data centre and wireless technologies to aid your business to build and optimise your ICT environment.

Our specialists advise you on optimal methods in order to maximise utilisation of technology and solutions to replace your ICT environment and attain greater levels of innovation within your business. We help you develop a strategic roadmap that aligns your IT strategy to your company priorities. We additionally assist in developing particular strategies for individual technologies such as VoIP, security, networks and communications to help you unlock the potential of the rising technologies.

We help you to architect a holistic solution that integrates brand new technologies whilst making use of the associated legacy environment, consistent with your IT strategy. As part of every recommendation, we identify the needed alterations to the ICT infrastructure ? from network, communications, VoIP, and security to the necessary business groups, be it end-user computing, enterprise networks, programs, and solution administration ? to guarantee the new solution gives the desired return on investment and company driven results.

As a life-cycle solution provider, we are going to help you implement, merge, alter, manage and continually enhance the project ? across a number of running model options. We bring a disciplined, systematic approach making utilisation of assessments, methodologies, frameworks, and greatest ways to drive perseverance and quality for the task we are engaged in.

We offer:

Strategic consulting

Our architects are able to assist your business with developing ICT strategies to help empower your business and always move forward. Our professionals are able to ensure your business is leveraging the most from its current technology investments, whilst offering sound industry backed advise for future ICT procurements. Our engineers have worked on some of Australia?s largest enterprise ICT environments.

Our strategy consulting solutions help you determine and prepare effective and revolutionary ICT services making usage of optimal delivery models that drive real company results. We can help you leverage rising technologies while maximising the worth of the current environment. We help you to develop strategies that are supported by our highly experienced, comprehensive engineers.

Architecture consulting

Full Spectrum Networks architecture consultants focus on developing enterprise, technology focused roadmaps and solutions that tie in with the bigger business requirements. Whether its a security, VoIP, data centre, or communications based requirement, our engineers can assist your business with its planning, and end-to-end design and strategy requirements. Our aim is to help your business maximise it?s ICT investment for as long as technologically possible.

Our design consulting solutions focus on developing solution designs for integrating brand new technologies and optimising your present IT environment consistent with your wider ICT strategy. We have comprehensive design competencies and offerings in areas crucial to your business, from networks, communications, and information centres to desktop computing, programs, solution administration, and security. Through these solutions, we assist you in creating end-to-end solutions that assist you releasing the best value from your technology investment.

Implementation and integration services

Along with design and strategy work, our engineers are able to assist your business partially, or in full, with the implementation of any given project. Our engineers are trained in the practices of ITIL and other industry based standards models to help streamline project implementation tasks and make the transition to new technologies as seamless as possible for your business.

Through our execution and integration solutions, we offer comprehensive implementation, task, program, and transition administration expertise to assist you building business functional solutions. Making use of proprietary methodologies and tools, we simplify your project tasks to ensure you present the full ICT project advantages to the wider business.

Contact us to find out how our professional consulting services can help you and your business plan and create new innovative solutions and optimise your IT environment to help you achieve real business outcomes.