Security Auditing

Full Spectrum Networks penetration testing (ethical hacking) solution tests the integrity of your IT systems, by determining and exploiting weaknesses. We analyse your organization through the viewpoint of it?s most likely threats, examining your company procedures, information flows together with technology that supports your business. This allows us to determine the resilience of your environment to fend off harmful threats from entering your enterprise systems.

Methodology and Tools

Full Spectrum Networks utilizes a toolbox of penetration evaluating tools similar to those utilized by attackers on the web ? in combination with in-house tools and scripts, in addition to best available open source penetration tools.

We create a comprehensive report addressing the approach taken, the strategies used, additionally the weaknesses identified which makes procedural and strategic suggestions to make sure that your systems are protected against future assault.

Vulnerability Assessment vs Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessments utilize assessment tools (vulnerability scanners) to identify weaknesses in a system or environment. As they highlight the technical risk, they usually do not qualify the business threat nor do they evaluate typical assault techniques. Hence, the main difference between a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test is that the vulnerability evaluation does not actively exploit the identified issues to determine the complete flaw or validate its existence which can result in inaccuracies into the report (false positives).

Regrettably, numerous organisations that perform penetration tests really ?oversell? their solutions and just offer vulnerability assessments making use of scanning tools. Although the initial expense may be less, assault situations can be ignored which can result in a ?down the road? safety breach. Full Spectrum Networks does not engage in these methods, and all identified security issues are reported with action by action directions on how exactly to reproduce the exploitable condition. Showing the genuine threat aesthetically provides value to administration whom may not be able to grasp a number of the complex technical principles included in this line of work, and features the urgency in repairing some problems.

Types of Pen Tests

Our pen testers can perform a variety of assessments that simulate assault assessment scenarios from people who have varying levels of understanding and access to your systems:

???External penetration test: Casual or concentrated intruders on the web with limited knowledge
???Internal penetration test: Disgruntled or reckless workers or contractors with genuine access to the enterprise network
???Extranet penetration test: Business partners who form an element of the company or business
???Remote access penetration test: Casual or concentrated intruders from known and unknown access points
???Wireless penetration test: Testing RFID leakage and wireless security including across multiple wireless security technologies

Our penetration screening professionals are some of the finest in Australia, and have also been engaged for numerous projects for some of the nations leading organisations. This is reinforced by our commitment to IT Security analysis.

Contact us if you would like any further information about the solutions that we provide. We would love to hear from you.