Our wireless LAN site assessments can help you recognise the elements required for maximum wireless coverage and the ideal positioning of those elements. We also provide the services and features required to secure your environment and produce a WLAN that will satisfy all your needs.

SLA?Support and Maintenance: We provide pro-active, multi-vendor assistance and maintenance solutions to assist you optimise the availability of your IT estate whilst optimising your overall IT support expenditure.

We can also help with these mobility:

???Networking: Building a flexible, reliable corporate network that combines seamlessly with your wireless and mobility infrastructure.
???Enterprise mobility: Providing your workforce accessibility to specific work tools from anywhere, at any time, using any technology -?including anytime they’re making use of the wireless network at your premises.
???Security: Ensuring that your wireless and mobility infrastructure doesn’t expose you to possible security breaches or information leakages.

Full Spectrum Network’s wireless and mobility solutions focus on key business, functional and technical requirements. From location-based services to radio-frequency recognition (RFID), our wireless systems infrastructure and mobility application integration solutions render it easier for you to work seamlessly – and minimise complexity and risk.

We provide the following wireless infrastructure solutions:

???Secure Wireless LAN: Provides business consumers with protected and controlled wireless network availability.
???Wireless mesh: Stretches dynamic wireless connections across spacious and often challenging coverage areas where direct cabling is not possible.
???Mobility services solutions
???Guest access: Enables secure and controlled internet access for your visitors, partners and contractors, without inhibiting the corporate network.
???Location-based services: Offer context-aware services that allow you to exclusively locate important and high-value assets and produce important telemetry details on the status of those assets.
???Voice over WLAN: Expands voice capabilities via wireless IP phones and network integration with IP telephony solutions.